El Calafate: National Capital of the [Selfie] Glaciers

The self-proclaimed “National Capital of the Glaciers”, El Calafate is kind of a one trick pony town. Everybody comes here to see one thing and that is the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. And we did not see it. El Calafate which is located at the Southern edge… Continue reading El Calafate: National Capital of the [Selfie] Glaciers

Cerro Torre: Towering Above the Clouds

We were standing at the mirador watching the clouds play hide and seek with the jagged peaks of Cerro Torre. Clouds had come in overnight, shrouding the mountains in a bluish gray pallor, limiting our views of the three granite spires. Fortunately the clouds were at the level of the higher peaks and made for… Continue reading Cerro Torre: Towering Above the Clouds

Fitz Roy, Up Close

When the Ranger tells you to hike to Fitz Roy on this day, don’t question it and just do it. So with our day of “rest” behind us we were hiking Laguna de Los Tres trail and just hoped our bodies were recovered enough to hike the 13 miles to the base of Fitz Roy… Continue reading Fitz Roy, Up Close

El Chalten: Gliking in Patagonia-Argentina

Call us masochists. Instead of sleeping in and resting our tired old bodies, we were on a 7 am bus on our way to El Chalten, Argentina, to spend 3 days hiking the superb trails of Cerro Torre and Monte Fitz Roy, part of Los Glaciares National Park, a world heritage site. You would think we… Continue reading El Chalten: Gliking in Patagonia-Argentina

Day 5: W is for Weary & Wistful

Triumphant. Jubilant. Exhausted. These were our feelings summing up our last day in Torres del Paine as we arrived at Paine Grande, officially completing the W circuit. It was absolutely one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had in our lives, and this World Biosphere Reserve is worthy of all its accolades, praise and worship.… Continue reading Day 5: W is for Weary & Wistful

Day 3: W is for Wondrous Wander

The fickle weather from yesterday gave way to clouds and sunshine in the morning. It was just another typical day at Torres del Paine. And then the murders began. OK there was no murder but we were treated to the most intense rainbow show at breakfast. Today we were hiking the French Valley to Mirador Valle Frances and… Continue reading Day 3: W is for Wondrous Wander

Day 2: W is for Wet & Windy

“Help Me”, “Help” Sometime in the middle of the night we were all woken up by someone crying “help me” “help”. Delirious from sleep it took us a while to determine that the source of the call for help was from one of the New Yorkers on the bottom bunk. At first it seemed like… Continue reading Day 2: W is for Wet & Windy