Somewhere Over the Rainbow Valley

Our journey ends here in the highest and driest place on Earth, where the thin air and otherworldly landscape take breaths away both literally and figuratively. We were capping off an incredible year of travel by spending our last three days in the Atacama Desert to explore stunning wonders such as Valle del Arcoiris, Valle… Continue reading Somewhere Over the Rainbow Valley

Chillin’ in Chile

Surrounded by soaring snow-capped Andes, Chile’s sprawling capital was our next destination. We weren’t sure what to expect from Santiago but we were here for two days to see what it had to offer. Would it be the poor cousin to the more popular Buenos Aires or a city with its own cultural identity and… Continue reading Chillin’ in Chile

La Boca: Soccer, Futbol and Boca Juniors

A pulsating sea of blue and gold reverberated throughout the stadium as excited Boca Juniors fans erupted in songs, made lewd arm gestures and spewed insults about the player’s mother’s “concha” and were not talking about a pet cat here. We were in La Bombonera stadium watching a match between the Boca Juniors and Defensa y… Continue reading La Boca: Soccer, Futbol and Boca Juniors

Península Valdés: On A Road to Nowhere

Renee Zellweger and her fake British accent kept us from sleeping as Bridget Jones’s Baby played in the background on the overnight bus taking us to Puerto Madryn. At least this was an improvement over Twisted Sister that was blasting loudly earlier. We were riding in semi-cama class (think economy) crammed in on the upper deck… Continue reading Península Valdés: On A Road to Nowhere

El Calafate: National Capital of the [Selfie] Glaciers

The self-proclaimed “National Capital of the Glaciers”, El Calafate is kind of a one trick pony town. Everybody comes here to see one thing and that is the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. And we did not see it. El Calafate which is located at the Southern edge… Continue reading El Calafate: National Capital of the [Selfie] Glaciers

Cerro Torre: Towering Above the Clouds

We were standing at the mirador watching the clouds play hide and seek with the jagged peaks of Cerro Torre. Clouds had come in overnight, shrouding the mountains in a bluish gray pallor, limiting our views of the three granite spires. Fortunately the clouds were at the level of the higher peaks and made for… Continue reading Cerro Torre: Towering Above the Clouds

Fitz Roy, Up Close

When the Ranger tells you to hike to Fitz Roy on this day, don’t question it and just do it. So with our day of “rest” behind us we were hiking Laguna de Los Tres trail and just hoped our bodies were recovered enough to hike the 13 miles to the base of Fitz Roy… Continue reading Fitz Roy, Up Close