End of the World: Tierra del Fuego, Penguins and the Beagle Channel

It was cold and miserable at the end of the Earth. We just landed in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the Americas, cold winds were howling and low clouds covered the surrounding mountains making the city look bleak. Signs in town welcomed us to El Fin del Mundo but we weren’t sure if we wanted… Continue reading End of the World: Tierra del Fuego, Penguins and the Beagle Channel

Ruta 40: A Really Short Patagonia Road Trip

Argentina has two major highways running north-south, one along the east coast and one along the Andes in the west. Mythical RN40 or Ruta 40 is in the west and passes through many of Argentina’s signature regions including wine country, the Lakes District, and the dramatic peaks and glaciers of the southern Andes. Traveling along… Continue reading Ruta 40: A Really Short Patagonia Road Trip

One Way To Mount Tronador

It took us about 2 hours over narrow dusty bumpy roads following  slow exhaust-spewing mini buses loaded down with tourists to reach Pampa Linda. It was from Pampa Linda that we can start exploring the base of Mount Tronador and Ventisquero Negro (Black Glacier). There are also several great hikes from there but it takes… Continue reading One Way To Mount Tronador

C Programming: Catedral, Circuito Chico & Campanario

With our set of wheels we set off on our first excursion, first to Cerro Catedral to do a short hike and then a drive on the typical tourist route, the Circuito Chico or Small Circuit. We paid enough for the damn car so we might as well start using it. Hiking The Blue Run… Continue reading C Programming: Catedral, Circuito Chico & Campanario

Bariloche: A Swiss Miss Mix

With its stone and wooden chalets, fondue restaurants and rows of chocolate shops, Bariloche aspires for Swiss alpine charm in the the foothills of the Andes. Mix in a few American outdoor and fast food retailers and you have a confusing mix of Aspen and Switzerland. There was little here to remind us that we… Continue reading Bariloche: A Swiss Miss Mix

Uruguay for a Day

Across on the other side of the Rio de La Plata, a wide stretch of river that separates Argentina from Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento was taunting us. Flaunting its world heritage status, quaint colonial architecture and another stamp on our passports how could we resist. It wasn’t easy though. Rejected credit cards, ticket issues and… Continue reading Uruguay for a Day

The Argentine Experience: Parrillas, Tango & Soccer

Argentines surely love their bife or beef. Parrillas or steak houses are everywhere practically occupying every section of a city block. We love a good juicy steak and couldn’t wait to start our Argentine Atkins diet. Luckily for us two of the best parrillas happen to be in the Palermo neighborhood: La Cabrera and Don Julio.… Continue reading The Argentine Experience: Parrillas, Tango & Soccer