Day 3: W is for Wondrous Wander

The fickle weather from yesterday gave way to clouds and sunshine in the morning. It was just another typical day at Torres del Paine. And then the murders began. OK there was no murder but we were treated to the most intense rainbow show at breakfast. Today we were hiking the French Valley to Mirador Valle Frances and… Continue reading Day 3: W is for Wondrous Wander

Day 2: W is for Wet & Windy

“Help Me”, “Help” Sometime in the middle of the night we were all woken up by someone crying “help me” “help”. Delirious from sleep it took us a while to determine that the source of the call for help was from one of the New Yorkers on the bottom bunk. At first it seemed like… Continue reading Day 2: W is for Wet & Windy

Day 1: W is for WOW!

We woke up to perfectly clear skies, and all the angst from the last couple of days over the weather quickly vanished. With the Towers putting on quite a stunning display in the early morning light we couldn’t help but rush outside to admire the views and capture the moment. At breakfast everyone was giddy and… Continue reading Day 1: W is for WOW!

Torres del Paine: Hiking the W Circuit

For us Torres del Paine is Patagonia. Years of dreaming about seeing the three iconic granite monoliths rising above the Paine mountain range is what lured us here. And we were going to spend 5 days backpacking the world-famous W trek. Ranked among the best multi-day hikes in the world, the W Circuit in Torres del… Continue reading Torres del Paine: Hiking the W Circuit

What, Me Worry?

It wasn’t looking good for our W hike. It was raining like gatos y perros in Puerto Natales. It was too soon to start panicking. After all we still had 3 days before the start of our hike and this was just a passing storm. No worries! With the rain coming down hard we didn’t venture… Continue reading What, Me Worry?