A Bat-tastic Hike in the Gorge

The next day we set off towards the town of Katherine and stayed overnight at Nitmiluk National Park to see the famous Katherine Gorge.

We stopped off at the visitor center to get info on what options were available to see the park. We were too late for a helicopter flight but we can still take a boat tour through the gorge or do hikes to various outlooks.

Me: “How about the canoe trips?”

VC: “They aren’t going out because we are still doing a croc survey.”

Me: “What do you mean a croc survey?” (Thinking why would you survey crocs and what type of questions would you ask them?)

VC: “To survey if there are any salt water crocs in the river. You don’t want to be in a canoe if they are salt water crocs in the river.”

Me: “And why is that?”

VC looking at me like I’m an idiot. She refused to elaborate any further because the point was pretty obvious. I just wanted to hear her say that salt water crocodiles are badasses and will take you down in a canoe.


So not wanting to pay for another expensive boat tour, we opted to use our own two feet and hike the trails to various outlooks.

We started on the Baruwei Loop Walk to the 1st outlook which was nice but not spectacular, we then continued on to the Pat’s outlook. This pretty much was the scenery for most of the hike.


We got bored pretty quickly and decided to head back to the campervan and leave the park.

I’m sure the gorge is very scenic and beautiful but the hike turned out to be boring and in hindsight we should have taken the boat tour to actually see the gorge rather than marching around wasteland looking for outlooks.

The only cool part of the hike was seeing hundreds of flying foxes, a type of fruit bat, hanging from the trees. For some reason, it made G hungry.


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