The Bungle Bungle

What is the Bungle Bungle?

  1. A new dance move
  2. Name of our future cat
  3. A range in Purnululu National Park

If you guess #3 , you are correct but if you chose # 2 you get extra credit.

The bungle bungle range is made up of orange and black striped beehive-like sculptures located in Purnululu National Park, a world heritage site.

We took a day trip in a 4WD tour bus with Kimberly Outback Australia to explore the park and its unusual landscape. The tour took us to both ends of the park, a stop at the visitor center, and several hikes that allowed us to explore these beehive formations more closely.

Unlike most organized tours, the hikes were on our own and not part of a guided group which gave us the flexibility to go at our own pace and stop to take pictures whenever  we wanted.

The scenery was fantastic, and reminded us of the American southwest: Scenic desert landscape surrounded by gorges, canyon walls and sandstone structures. The main difference is that these parks are pretty much inaccessible to anyone without a 4WD vehicle.

The tour also included dinner which was beef stew by the way.

Elephant Rock

Piccaninny Creek Walk  & Sunset Outlook

Cathedral Gorge Trail

Echidna Chasm


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