Kangaroos and Wannabes

We can now confirm that there are kangaroos in Australia AND they are alive and not extinct, as we previously posted.

We finally got off the water and drove to Cape Range national park, next door to Exmouth.  We saw our first roos and some rock wallabies (or as G likes to call them kangaroo wannabes) on a hike along Yardie Creek, each as a family group of two adults and a joey.  There are two types of roos in the park, reds and euros, but we can’t tell which of these we saw.

As the day’s light faded on the way back it became like a video game as they would always wait to the last possible second to attempt to hop across the road. The road was littered with carcasses but none were our doing. We also spotted a short legged skink and a sand goanna, the latter as it crossed the road forcing us to swerve to avoid it. It seems everything here has a massive death wish.

Baby Roo
Rock wallaby.  We stared at this spot for a minute before we were able to see it.



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