South America: Where All Good Things Come To An End.

What better way to end our year long adventure than to traverse to the end of the world. Our plan is to tango our way through Buenos Aires before beginning our Patagonia adventure which we’ll start by relaxing in Bariloche and the Lake Districts then head further south to the Tierra Del Fuego province to explore the “end of the world”. Will let you know if the world is indeed flat according to those Flat-Earthers. Yes, I’m talking to you, Draymond Green. After making sure we don’t fall off the face of the earth, we head back north to Torres Del Paine in Chile where we will attempt to do the famous W hike with our friend Sally. Yes that Sally, from our Borneo trip, is back with us to hike the W and Argentina’s Fitz Roy range. We just hope that she doesn’t try to kill us like her sister Kim did back in Namibia by almost causing a car accident. You can read the recap here. The rest of our itinerary takes us to Puerto Madryn for orcas and magellenic penguins (maybe kayaking), the wine regions of Mendoza (Argentina) and Colchagua (Chile) for debauchery and finally to the capital city of Santiago for more culture. Where we go from there who knows?

Tangle Steps in Buenos Aires

We rented a studio via Airbnb in the barrio of Palermo, a hip trendy area with a happening and thriving restaurant scene. Palermo is somewhat far from the center of town and you have to hoof it to see many of the main attractions, but this is the area to stay in if you want access to great, creative food. Yeah we are there!

Performing our version of the tango, or rather tangle, we spent the next few days tripping and stumbling over miles of uneven sidewalks and cobblestone streets as we took in some of the key sites of BA.

Our first day we stuck close to the Palermo area trying to get oriented to the neighborhood we will call home for the next 7 days.

Had a quick lunch at Chori which serves an upscale version of one of Argentina’s popular street foods, the choripan or sausage sandwich.

The next day we walked for about an hour from Palermo to Recoleta neighborhood to check out the Cemeterio de la Recoleta where anyone who was anyone in Argentina is buried, including Evita. I only know of Evita because Madonna played her once in a movie.

Argentina Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetary
Getting the Gringo Tour and Argentine Pizza

For dinner we went to Guerrin Pizzeria to try Argentine style pizza. Guerrin is consistently mentioned as one of the best pizzerias for this style of pizza.  Unfortunately our cab driver gave us the run around by giving us the Gringo Tour when he decided to take a roundabout way to get to the pizza place by driving the complete opposite direction for about 2 miles before turning around. We eventually got to Guerrin and this was how packed the place was at 10pm.

What is Argentine style pizza? Well its similar to Chicago’s deep dish pizza but I think better. Known as pizza de molde or pizza in the pan the main characteristic of this style is a really thick bread crust oozing with at least an inch of gooey mozzarella cheese. We had the fugazzetta or onion pizza which was stuffed with piles of slices onions. It was really yummy and maybe worth our last meal in BA. It was so worth the crooked cab ride over.

Argentina Buenos Aires
Fugazzetta con queso

American Airlines
Flight 2207

Flight 997

We arrived in Buenos Aires after a restless 10 hour overnight flight because the state of art online command to control the cabin lights did not work and we had to sleep with the lights on. The plane still had that new plane smell. G was smart and packed a sleeping mask while D just suffered through it. Economy class just keeps getting worse.


Studio Apartment
Palermo Soho

Street noise and noisy neighbors reminded us of why we don’t like apartment living. The studio only costs us $48 dollars a night which is a real bargain in Buenos Aires.  For some reason I didn’t realize the studio was on the first floor so we were close to the street action. The studio itself was very nice though. Decent wifi.


Palermo Soho

Yummy Choripans

Pizzería Güerrin

Best place to get Argentine style pizza

Useful Websites:

Pick Up The Fork
A great food blog on Buenos Aires restaurant scene and cuisine




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