Windhoek to Kalahari Desert

For our introduction to driving in Namibia, we drove 3 hours south of Windhoek towards the Kalahari desert. Not only did G have to train his brain to drive on the wrong side of the road but he also had to figure out how to operate a stick shift with his left hand. It has been over 7 years since either of us drove a stick so this meant his brain had to work harder than it had in 6 months.

About 100km into the drive we discovered that Avis filled up the gas tank only half way so we had to make an unexpected stop to fill up the rest of the tank with 72 liters of diesel.  Avis Fail #1

Windshield wiper fluid empty.  Avis Fail #2.

Otherwise, the drive down was uneventful mostly passing through dry desert landscape with occasional sightings of baboons, some type of antelopes/gazelles and a warthog.

Our destination was the Kalahari Farmhouse where we would be camping for the night. This would also be the first time setting up camp and we hoped that we were able to retain some of the instructions on how to put up the ground and rooftop pop-up tents. The roof pop-up tent is really sweet. All you have to do is unlatch the top and up pops a tent. The ground tent was another issue. Although we struggled a bit we did manage to set up camp.

The real challenge will be when we have to actually cook. But we will leave that for another night as we opted to eat at the restaurant to avoid cooking.


Kalahrari Farmhouse Campsite

Namibia Kalahari


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