Kuching: The Cat City

Yes we’re in a city called Cat. Kuching which is located in Sarawak, Malaysia Borneo means cat in Malay and was the starting point for our trip into Malaysia Borneo.

Our friend Sally who flew in from the SF Bay Area met us in Kuching. She along with her husband Bay & son Colby (who will join us later) are traveling with us in Borneo and then to Kuala Lumpur.  We went to the Top Spot food court and had dinner at Ling Loong Seafood which had excellent seafood and veggie dishes. G and Sally also tried parrot fish for the first time cooked Cantonese style and raved about it all night.

The next day Sally was anxious to get going and start exploring the city. We as weary travelers worn down from the Sumatran jungle trek just wanted to enjoy the AC and a clean bed. Why did we invite her in the first place? 

After having a bowl of Laksa Sarawak, a delicious spicy noodle soup concoction, for breakfast D & G reluctantly left the AC and went off with Sally to see what Kuching had to offer. We pretty much hit the main attractions including the esplanade, chinatown, the wonderful Sarawak museum and the old court house where we met Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 who was there to interview her potential successor for the 2017 Miss Malaysia auditions.

Views from the Kuching esplanade 

Kuching statues found throughout the city

In the afternoon, we went to the Semenggoh wildlife reserve to catch the 3pm feeding of the semi-wild orangutans that make this their home. The reserve was established to rehabilitate and reintroduce captive or orphaned orangutans into the wild.  Although this is somewhat touristy  you do get to see orangutans in a somewhat natural environment and a chance to get close to them.

In total we saw six orangatuns:  Annuar, Selina, Endu on the platform,  Mina and Jubilee on the trail and Edwin near the entrance.

And in closing……

Miss Universe Malaysia is the one in the middle

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