Monkey Mia: Dolphins & Emus

We stopped overnight at Monkey Mia Reserve to see the bottlenose dolphins that visit the beach shores daily to get fed.  Dubbed “The Dolphin Experience”  we were allowed to stand in the shallows to watch the dolphins while they frolicked and got fed.  About four dolphins showed up and a few lucky people were picked to hand-feed them.

People have been hand feeding these dolphins freely for over 50 years until about 20 years ago when the the Dept. of Parks and Wildlife took over and began to regulate the feeding to ensure minimal impact on the dolphin’s behavior.

Australia Monkey Mia

Australia Monkey Mia
Sneaking a peek

On the grounds of the reserve/resort/caravan site, we encountered a family of emus.

Emus-Not Kangaroos

Galahs we saw on our way here.

Galahs-Not Kangaroos

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