Final Boarding

Will passengers G. *** and D. *** please report to gate G93 for final boarding?

Four years and two dead cats later, we were finally about to embark on our year long adventure and were now about to miss our flight. And of course G is in the men’s room.

Luckily, G emerged, saving me from running into the men’s room and yell for him to hurry up. After a scramble to grab our bags and a mad dash to the gate we did make our flight with plenty of time.

Of course, the plane left an hour later than scheduled due to some mechanical issue. Will be iffy if we will make our connection. Geez all that panic for nothing.

Can anything else go wrong?



3 thoughts on “Final Boarding

  1. What a great start to your trip, haha! Loved looking at all your photos… beautifully done. Enjoy all your adventures!


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