Is it a Whale or a Shark?

It was a fantastic day out on the reef. Yesterday we joined Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive on their boat, Aliikai, to swim with whale sharks. They did an early reef snorkel to assess us as swimmers and then headed out past the Ningaloo reef to the open ocean. With planes doing the spotting, we went straight for… Continue reading Is it a Whale or a Shark?

Coral Bay: Swimming with Manta Rays

We booked a tour with Ningaloo Reef Dive & Snorkel for a chance to swim with manta rays. The snorkeling was OK.  It was very windy and choppy  and so visibility was poor.  Also the variety of fish didn’t seem as great.  The coral, however, was healthy and beautiful and is one of the area… Continue reading Coral Bay: Swimming with Manta Rays

Still partying like it’s 1,999,999,999 BCE

Visited Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Preserve, one of the least visually impressive places in Australia. But being a science geek, I loved it. The site is known for being one of the few places in the world with living stromatolites, living cyanobacterial and bacterial colonies creating structures whose fossil records go back to when single… Continue reading Still partying like it’s 1,999,999,999 BCE

Monkey Mia: Dolphins & Emus

We stopped overnight at Monkey Mia Reserve to see the bottlenose dolphins that visit the beach shores daily to get fed.  Dubbed “The Dolphin Experience”  we were allowed to stand in the shallows to watch the dolphins while they frolicked and got fed.  About four dolphins showed up and a few lucky people were picked to hand-feed… Continue reading Monkey Mia: Dolphins & Emus